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People’s Republic of Bangladesh came into being on 16 December 1971 and  Subsequently Ministry of Cabinet Affairs (at present Cabinet Division) was established in 1972 to provide secretarial assistance to the government. In pursuance of a Presidential decision the Cabinet Division was placed under President’s Office in 1975 and later on, it was brought back to Ministry of Cabinet Affairs. In 1982, the Division was moved into Chief Martial Law Administrator’s (CMLA) Secretariat and in the following year, the Division was again placed under President’s Office. The existing  Cabinet Division was formed as a full fledged   administrative unit in line with the introduction of the Parliamentary system of government on 19 October. 1991.  At Present Cabinet Division is Placed at Serial -4 of the Allocation of Business Among the Different Ministries and Divisions (Schedule1 of the Rules of Business 1996) The Prime Minister as the Minister in Charge heads the Cabinet Division.

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